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A Rare Large Famille Rose `Amorous Monk` Punch Bowl, Qianlong 1736-1795.


This rare large bowl is painted with four alternating panels of birds and blooming shrubs and a monk seducing a young girl in a landscape, the friar embracing the reluctant object of his affections, an open prayer book, a rosary and a small dog by their feet, all against a ground of dense foliage in gilt, the interior with a blossom spray and a gilt bamboo band to the rim.

Diameter: 39.5cms

Height: 17.5cms

Condition: Minor wear to gilding, otherwise perfect

£18 000

The exact print source of this scene is unknown, however, other examples of the design are known. See for example, a dish in the collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum, museum number C.791963.