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A Fine Pair of Famille Rose Eight Immortal Bulb Jardinaires, Tongzhi period, 1861-1875.


Magu (the Goddess of longevity) is seen here with the other seven immortals.  She is often portrayed as a young girl with clawlike fingernails, wearing a apron of leaves, she is pictured here carrying a jar of fungus wine. Together with the other Immortals, they are brightly painted in Famille Rose colours in a walled garden setting,  a large prunus tree in the background, four children happily playing alongside. The opposite panel decorated with two Immortals arriving by sea, to join the others by the shore in a rockwork setting. The end panels decorated with a child riding an Ox and an old man riding a Pheonix, in a garden setting. The inner top rim painted in an iron red zigzag border. The bases left unglazed.

Length: 31.5cms, Width 18cms.

Condition: Two frits to one side of one jardinaire, filled in.

Price: £26000